Old Cars Do New Tricks

If you have been driving the same car around for a decade, you’re probably starting to get tired of it. If you can’t afford to Old Cars Do New Tricksreplace it with a brand new car, consider upgrading your current car instead.

Technology is playing a major role in cars that is only improving with time, and luckily, you can reap the benefits of new technologies without getting a new car.

Many companies offer “aftermarket devices” which can be added into your current car typically for a low price, and you’ll feel like you’re driving away with the latest model.

Get Pampered

Many cars now come equipped with technology that is intended to pamper consumers. Many cars now come with heated seats, allowing you to ride comfortably in cold temperatures. If heated seats weren’t an option when you purchased your current car, you can purchase seat covers that heat up instead, allowing you to add a little luxury into your car.

Back It Up

Most new cars now come with a rearview camera, which allows the driver to see behind the car in a way that the back windshield doesn’t allow. The rearview camera has become a vital safety feature, in fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is making them mandatory in May of 2018. You can purchase rearview cameras and install them yourself for an affordable price, improving the safety of your car.

Bluetooth Stereo

If you are driving an outdated car, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of finding a radio station that you can handle listening to or attempting to quickly change the song on your phone. Install a Bluetooth stereo into your current car to upgrade your car in minutes. These systems allow you to easily access your music, take phone calls, and display any incoming alerts. The best part of this is, you won’t have to lift a finger.

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