PermaPlate is Excited to Announce Our Continued Support for Keys to Success

PermaPlate and Keys to Success ScholarshipPermaPlate is excited to announce our continued support for Keys to Success, a Success in Education Foundation program that works to motivate elementary and high school students in Utah. Keys to Success works with schools to recognize students for their hard work and academic achievements, offering scholarships and building a foundation for future learning. Their vision is to achieve the highest reading scores in the country for elementary school students and the highest percent of high school graduates pursing post-high school degrees.

Here at PermaPlate, we believe that helping to provide students with the keys to success is one simple way we can create a better future! We have been working with Keys to Success for several years and are happy to be a part of the great work they are doing. Whether you are a teacher, parent or Utah business, there are opportunities for you to participate as well.

How Can I Participate?

School administrators: Sign your school up to participate is the Keys to Success program, working with teachers and counselors to reward students for their achievements.

Teachers: Work with your students, setting goals and recognizing academic improvements and successes. Raising a grade, helping a classmate and working towards post-secondary education goals are just a few actions that can be rewarded.

Parents: Work with your children to improve study habits and provide assistance on difficult homework assignments. Talk to your kids about continuing their education and help them in their search for post-secondary education opportunities.

Businesses: Keys to Success has been working with universities, post-secondary educational institutions and business sponsors to provide more than 600 scholarships in the past 10 years. This year, more than 300 scholarships are being offered, but it is never too late to join in and help our Utah students succeed!

Visit Keys to Success online to learn more about the program and find out how you can participate.

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