PermaPlate Rustguard® Ultimate Rust Protection

Perma Plate Rustguard - Ultimate Rust Protection
• Adhering to interior surfaces of fenders, doors and quarter panels
• Permanently sealing the inner-body metal surfaces
• Creating an unfavorable environment for rust

More than just a highly visible blight, rust can rapidly corrode the vehicle’s structural integrity. A single professional application of our exclusive rust blocking formula will protect a new vehicle from inner body rust. PermaPlate’s exclusive process even protects the vehicle from environmental hazards that may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. By using Rustguard’s advanced chemical formula, the vehicle’s inner body metal surfaces will be permanently sealed. Rustguard is applied to, and adheres to the interior surfaces of fenders, doors, quarter panels, and other critical areas. Rustguard protects areas that would otherwise become a hospitable environment for rust for inside-out rust caused by trapped moisture from condensation.

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