PermaPlate Tire & Rim Protection

Perma Plate Windshield - Protection From the Perils of the Road
• 100% reimbursement for Tire and Rim repairs caused by road hazards
• Repair or Replacement of rim if tire fails to seal
• Taxes, labor costs, mounting and balancing fees and valve stems covered by reimbursement

Tire & Rim Protection
PermaPlate Tire and Rim Protection covers the one part of your vehicle that comes into contact with the road. Tires and rims/wheels are also virtually the only automotive parts that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

PermaPlate Tire Coverage
We provide tire coverage against road hazards such as:

• Curb Damage
• Scrap Metal
• Broken Glass
• Nails and Screws
• Potholes
• Debris

PermaPlate Rim Coverage
Rims and wheels are covered against road hazards for:

• Curb Damage
• Bent Rims
• Cosmetic Damage
• Scratches
• Scrapes
• Gouges
• Paint matches for all OEM wheels
• Simulated lathe lines for machined wheels

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