Pet-Proofing Your Vehicle

girl and her dog sitting in the carDirty paws and slobber are two of the not-so-lovable aspects of owning pets, especially when they are inside your new vehicle. Whether you and Fido make frequent trips to the dog park or you only travel together to the vet, the interior of your vehicle can quickly get dirty and even ruined. Here at PermaPlate, we recommend appearance protection programs for all pet owners, to ensure any accidents created by your furry friend will be cleanable and repairable. Follow our advice to keep your new vehicle looking its best while Fido rides in style in the back seat.

Cover the Seats

Cloth seats are quickly coated in pet fur and leather can be punctured and scratched by paws and claws. The first line of defense for your new vehicle is a good set of seat covers. While many drivers don’t like the look of these pieces, there are many attractive options available that will be worth their weight in repair costs down the road. Toss a towel in the backseat as well and wipe off your pet’s fur and paws after a run through the park to keep messes to a minimum in the future.

Clean the Windows

Many dogs love to look out the window as the world flies by; leaving smears and smudges with their noses. Both unsightly and potentially distracting when checking your blind spot before switching lanes, keeping your windows bright and clean is important. Consider keeping a spray bottle of Windex or windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle with a roll of paper towels to clean up after trips with your furry friend. Another good idea is to cover the inside of your windows with clear plastic wrap. Apply before your next trip to the groomer and remove afterwards for smudge and hassle-free windows.

Protect the Floors

Accidents happen, especially with pets! Keep your floors safe from disaster with a set of heavy-duty floor mats. Great for dogs, kids and friends with dirty feet, this investment will save you plenty in the long run.

Invest in Protection

For further protection from everyday accidents and spills, protect the interior of your new vehicle with PermaPlate appearance protection products. Whether Fido jumps in the car with grimy paws or kitty has an accident in the back seat, stains from such damage will be remedied by professionals that implement the latest reconditioning techniques.


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