At PermaPlate, we’re serious about the protection programs we provide to our customers. From Appearance Protection to Windshield Protection, Paintless Dent Repair to Key Replacement, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Better yet, many of our programs are backed by a comprehensive warranty from an A-rated insurance company.

Appearance Protection Products

Paintguard® Fiberguard® Leatherguard® Rustguard® soundguard®

Today’s vehicles are manufactured with higher quality materials of fabric, leather, and paint than ever before. Multi-step paint applications with high-technology processes provide a brilliant and long-lasting paint surface that remains attractive and maintenance free for many years. Unfortunately, environmental factors and passenger usage can negatively impact a vehicle’s appearance. Acid rain and other pollutants are now commonplace and can deteriorate even the highest grade finish over time. PermaPlate offers first-rate environmental products to help keep vehicles in top condition. PermaPlate products protect exterior painted surfaces, interior carpet, fabric, leather, and vinyl surfaces.


The most fragile part of your vehicle, your windshield, is continually susceptible to damage resulting from propelled rocks or road hazard debris. Under a microscope, the surface of glass is rough and pitted. This surface property allows road debris to “grab” your windshield, resulting in confused pressure and a chip or crack in the glass. PermaPlate Windshield Treatment works in several ways to protect your vehicle, improving repellency and clarity while strengthening glass at the molecular level by capping the natural glass pores and surface ridges. Additionally, PermaPlate Windshield Protection covers repairs of chips and cracks that occur in your glass or replacement of your windshield if the damage is irreparable.

Clearplate® & Door Edge Cup Guard

Damage caused to your vehicle’s paint can affect the value of one of your biggest investments. Harsh road debris, gravel, sand, salted roadways, and insect acids can chip and corrode the paint finish on your vehicle. Clearplate provides virtually invisible protection applied to the high-impact areas of your vehicle to protect the paint finish from damage. Our experienced installers cut the PermaPlate to the specifications of the make and model of your vehicle for a precision fit. With no extra

Tire & Wheel*

Road hazards such as potholes, glass or metal on the road, nails, or other debris can cause damage to your vehicle’s tires or wheels, which are the only part of your vehicle that come into contact with the road. Tires and wheels are the only part of your vehicle not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. PermaPlate Tire & Wheel Protection repairs, or, if irreparable, replaces tires damaged by road hazards. In addition, PermaPlate Wheel Coverage provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged by road hazards, curb, and cosmetic damage; there is no deductible or limit on the number of occurrences.


Every vehicle owner’s worst fear is having their vehicle stolen. Often, recovery never occurs, or worse yet, the vehicle is partially dismantled and must be rebuilt and returned to the customer. While the “theft proof” vehicle may be an impossibility, every opportunity should be taken to avoid this loss. Increase the chances of being passed by thieves and increase your odds of recovery if theft occurs with Etchguard protection, a proven effective theft deterrent program.


With the risks presented by the possibility of total loss due to collision or theft, many customers are exposed to unexpected financial challenges they likely have not considered. The shock of facing a significant termination deficiency caused by a low down payment, refinanced negative equity or excessive vehicle depreciation can, at the least, be inconvenient and, at the worst, be credit impairing. PermaPlate offers GAP for use with dealer arranged financing. With lower down payments, longer terms and a high incidence of customers refinancing negative equity, GAP has become an increasingly important product for customers. (GAP pays the resulting termination deficiency on the customer’s loan when the customer’s total loss insurance settlement (net of deductible) is less than the amount the customer owes (subject to limitations in the GAP contract).

Prepaid Maintenance

Your dealership’s success depends on getting customers to the dealership and having them return again and again. Dealers have lost service gross and customer loyalty every year for the last 13 years. PermaPlate Prepaid Maintenance is a strategy and solution proven to boost service gross, customer loyalty, and the profitability that customers will buy their next car at your dealership.

Paintless Dent Repair

Your new automobile is a big investment. With PermaPlate Paintless Repair Protection, you won’t have to worry about dings ruining your new vehicles appearance or resale value. Our PermaPlate Paintless Dent Repair process repairs dings from the inside of your vehicle’s panel to return metal to its original state. Repairs are done professionally and quickly, with no out-of-pocket expenses or deductibles.

*Not available in all states.


PermaPlate’s SolarPlate Automotive Window Film incorporates a unique process that allows for maximum heat rejection while boasting a stylish charcoal color which you may mistake for factory-tinted glass. Not only does your car look great on the outside, but also you get protection from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays. SolarPlate rejects up to 50% of the total solar energy coming through your windows, providing a ‘cool effect’ in more ways than one.

Key Replacement

Now most keys have been engineered to protect against theft. This means that the cost of replacing a key could cost hundreds of dollars. Key replacement not only protects you from the expense of stolen or lost keys, but can help eliminate the hassles of an already stressful situation.