Bill Nisson founded Siskin Enterprises, Inc. in 1978. Since then, Siskin, the manufacturer of PermaPlate products, has grown from a single product concept into the leading national producer of automotive protection chemicals. Developing the PermaPlate automotive appearance protection products began in response to consumer demand. Now, over three decades later, the needs of our customers continue to drive our business. While the auto industry has experienced significant changes over the years, PermaPlate products and excellent customer service has remained solid. We are very proud of the fact there are thousands of dealerships offering our PermaPlate line throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Our Story

Our initial entry into the automotive protection industry was through the development and marketing of a fabric protection product. Bill worked his way through college, selling new cars at a Logan, Utah GM dealership. Logan is a small farming community and Bill needed to overcome the difficulty of selling cloth interiors to his rural customers. His solution? He applied a can of fabric protectant to help overcome the customer’s concern of keeping the fabric looking new.

Bill was not content with that solution and experimented with various fabric protection formulas. As part of an assignment for a marketing class, he presented the idea for a specially formulated automotive fabric protectant to Dr. Blaine Huntsman, Dean of the Business School at the University of Utah. Bill not only found encouragement, but also a willing investor and the added bonus of assistance through the Huntsman Chemical Corporation (the largest privately held chemical company in the world). Our Fiberguard® formula was eventually perfected and offered through new car dealerships with an unprecedented three-year warranty.

Fiberguard® propelled PermaPlate forward. After gaining market acceptance, the PermaPlate trademark was established. Additional research was conducted to expand the product line to include a full line of top performing products designed to keep new cars looking new and maintain their value for re-sell.

Siskin Enterprises, Inc. has remained dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with its dealers and their retail customers. We continue to follow Bill’s original philosophy of providing the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service and the best warranties in the business. Today, we remain committed to steady, stable growth. Our focus is on superior-quality products and highly responsive customer service. Our unparalleled product warranties are an indication of this commitment.

PermaPlate products have always been sold exclusively through authorized auto dealers. Dealer relationships are paramount to the success of our business. We consider our dealers our first-line customers. Our products and our customer service are a direct reflection of the dealer who sells them. Dealers aim to foster long-term relationships with their customers creating repeat business for years to come. PermaPlate has similar goals for both the dealer and the customer. By providing superior products, extensive warranties, and responsive and fair claims service, everyone wins. Dealers know from experience that PermaPlate will take care of their customers long after they have driven away from the dealership.

Product Benefits

Solid company with 38-year track record

PermaPlate name and superior reputation

Products sold by leading auto dealers and dealer groups from coast to coast

Superior quality products which are time-tested and continually evaluated

PermaPlate products do not compete with other after-market sales

Comprehensive warranties cover those areas typically excluded by automotive manufacturers

PermaPlate products meet the needs and demands of today’s customers

Dealerships supported by first-class promotional materials, training and excellent customer service

Quick and efficient response to questions and warranty claims
Customers feel good about their protective automotive purchase and are more likely to return

PermaPlate appearance protection products are non-cancelable, affordable, and financeable