Protect Your Car from Winter Sand and Salt

Winter months and severe weather conditions can take a toll on our cars. Many stateProtect Your Car from Winter Sand and Salt s put down salt and sand to help manage the snow and ice coated roads. From frequent traffic jams to poor visibility, driving as temperatures drop can become frustrating.  Although the snow and salt mixtures help keep our roads safe, they can affect our car in a negative way if we do not care for our cars properly in winter months.

Importance of Salt and Sand

Salt and sand are heavily distributed across roads before and after severe storms. Salt lowers the freezing point which causes snow and ice to melt. The sand helps secure the salt in place on the roads and adds traction when roads are wet.

Plan for Winter Conditions

Salt and snow mixtures on our roads are inevitable in winter. Before snow falls, make a point to thoroughly wash your car, including the underside of it. Apply wax, along with a wax sealant, to keep the wax secure against the car’s paint. The wax will repel the salt, sand, and water. Salt and sand can cause brake and fuel line rust so consider sealing the undercarriage of your car to prevent this.

Keep It Clean

Washing your car in the winter will help upkeep your car and prevent the salt and sand from settling. Although you should not wash your car in below freezing temperatures, you can wash your car if temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. After your initial wax, you can also get your car waxed and sealed periodically throughout winter to help protect the body.

Avoid Storms

If a big snowfall is expected, you can bet that salt and sand are already getting distributed onto roads. If you do not have to drive right before or after a large storm, you’ll be less likely to face sand and salt. It is not safe for you or your car to drive through severe winter storms. If you can, avoid doing so. Give the weather some time to disperse before hitting the roads.

It is important for salt and sand to be on our winter roads in order to make them safer for us to use. However, it does not benefit the body of our cars at all. By taking certain precautions, you can better protect your car this winter.

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