Protect Your Vehicles from Spring Pothole Damage

Protect Your Vehicles from Spring Pothole Damage The start of spring brings warmer temperatures and more sunlight to most parts of the U.S., but it also brings one thing that can make driving feel more like a nightmare for most people: potholes.

Potholes tend to surface in the spring when the snow and ice from the previous winter melt away, resulting in impaired roads that could damage your vehicle.

Here are some ways you can protect your vehicle from enduring damage due to potholes.

Always be on the lookout while driving

Potholes, especially ones on the larger side, are usually pretty easy to spot when you’re driving. When you’re traveling down the road, keep your eyes on the street at all times and check for signs of potholes. If you see one, carefully and safely move your car out of its path to avoid having one of your tires fall victim.

Avoid the urge to swerve when you see a pothole

No matter how hard you try to spot potholes, some will sneak up on you. Your natural inclination will be to swerve sharply out of the way as soon as you come upon one, but doing so could make matters worse. You’ll likely swerve just as your car is hitting the pothole, which can cause more damage to your vehicle, or you may jerk the wheel without checking to make sure the other lane is clear. If you don’t have enough time to carefully move out of the path of the pot hole, simply reduce your speed to minimize potential damage when driving over it.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times

Tires that aren’t well-inflated are more likely to go flat due to potholes than those that are inflated properly. You should check the tire pressure of your tires periodically and get into the habit of filling your tires with air in the spring. It could help to prevent a flat tire if you happen to hit a pothole.

Report pot holes you see to your city or state

Most cities and states are well aware of the presence of potholes in the spring. But just in case, you should report any large potholes you encounter so they can be fixed immediately. You should also contact your city or state if you need to have repairs made to your vehicle due to a pothole. They might be required to help you pay for the damage that was done.

Potholes are, unfortunately, something drivers will have to deal with almost every spring but by following these tips, you can steer clear of the consequences that often come along with them.