Protecting Your Car from Pollen

Protecting Your Car from Pollen If you live in an area where allergies are severe and pollen is frequently circulating throughout the air, your car is probably coated in a yellow dust when you go to get into it.

This yellow-green dust typically comes from conifers, trees that bloom in the spring and release pollen into the air.

Pollen can result in harsh allergies and a damaged car if left alone.

Pollen can damage material services, for example, car paint. Many people wait for rain to wash pollen off of their car, but it’s best to get pollen off as quickly as possible once spotted. Pollen, if left sitting on the car, can actually result in scratches on the paint.

Getting pollen off of your car is relatively simple, and really just requires you to give yourself a good wash. You need the basics to remove pollen from your car: car wash cleaner, water, sponges, rags, microfiber towels, and so forth. When washing, make sure you are going over every surface from the roof to the tire.

If you don’t have time to give your car a full wash, simply rinsing it off will help. Make sure that in spring months, you are leaving car windows shut which will help keep pollen from getting inside of your car and do your best to not let your air conditioner pull air from outside which could pull pollen-filled air in.

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