Protecting Your Vehicle During Hurricane Season

Weather is unpredictable, and although
we take precautions to protect Hurricane1ourselves and our homes from severe weather threats, we should be protecting our car as well. Hurricane season has picked up in the United States and several parts of the world, bringing heavy rain and strong winds, but there are precautions you can take to protect your car from the threat of severe storms.

Cover Your Vehicle

Covering your vehicle is a simple yet proven way to protect it in a hurricane. Whether your car is parked inside a garage or outside, covering it will help protect it. Use a waterproof tarp, or a padded tarp for extra protection, to protect the car from falling debris, drywall, branches, and more. This can prevent dents, scratches, and other forms of impact. If your car is parked in a garage, be sure to take anything down that might be hanging on the walls that could hit the car such as bikes.

Secure Documentation

Cars come with a lot of paperwork from titles, registration, and insurance. Secure all documents relating to your vehicle in a sealed bag in a locked waterproof and fireproof safe. If you don’t have one and live in an area affected by severe weather, it’s worth purchasing one. Make copies of your documents and your car keys and mail to a family member out of the eye of the storm to have incase yours are washed away. Be sure to understand your insurance policies to see if your car is protected from severe weather.

Take Pictures

Insurance will want to see documentation of what your vehicle was before the storm hit. Take extensive pictures of the interior of your car along with the outside of your car. This will give you pictures to show insurance exactly what damaged occurred. These pictures will help you gain the most back from your insurance if your car is damaged in the hurricane.

Park Safely

Ideally, your car would be parked in a garage to protect it from the outside elements. If you do not have a garage, park on the highest ground possible. By parking on higher ground, you are less likely to run into flooding which could wash your car away. If you can park by a large building, the structure can protect your call from high winds, trees, and power lines.

Fill Gas Tank

Car3Before the hurricane hits, be sure to go out and fill your gas tank. If possible, fill a gas can to go as well. Even if you are not driving your car to evacuate, it is important that your car has gas before the storm begins. If you lose power in the house, you can use your car to charge your phone or run the heat or air conditioner if you need to sleep in it when the storm passes if your house suffers damages. If you do need to evacuate on short notice, you may not have time to go get gas.

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