Remaining Mindful of Semi Trucks

For most people, driving alongside Remaining Mindful of Semi Trucks a semi-truck is unsettling. Most people do their best to keep semi-trucks at a distance, whether they pass them quickly or remain a safe distance behind them.

However, sharing the road with semi-trucks is a must and it can be easy to do if you are educated on how to do so.

Give Them Space

It is really important to give a semi-truck space, and it should be the first rule that comes to mind when sharing the road with one. Trucks can be easily blown by wind, have pieces or latches come loose, and can easily glide from side to side compared to cars. If you give semi-trucks space, you’ll be less likely to be a victim in an accident if the trucks shifts or loses a tire.

Make Yourself Seen

One downside of semi-trucks is that they have many blind spots which means that truckers often can’t see the cars on the road around them. If you are driving in close proximity to a semi-truck, do your best to make yourself visible. If you can see the mirrors of a truck, they can often see you. You should never ride close to the rear of the truck; you will not be seen.

Cautious Passing

It is OK to pass a semi-truck but you should know how to do so safely. You should give the truck plenty of space and go as quickly as possible. You should do your best to pass on the left side because the right side has more blind spots. Semi-trucks are hard to stop and it often takes a lot of time for them to do so, wait a minute or two before you get in front of the truck. Cutting a truck off is dangerous, and often illegal.

Let Them Pass

A semi-truck is not a vehicle that you want to challenge. If a truck is attempting to switch lanes, it is in your best interest to let them in front of you if you can do so safely. If you speed up and attempt to get around them first, you’ll likely end up in a blind spot. In many states, flashing your lights for a truck will indicate that it is safe and clear for them to switch lanes.

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