Remember to Purchase Snow Tires this Fall

vehicle with snow tires driving through snowOctober is here and as the leaves change and the air grows cooler, we begin to think about the chilly winter weather ahead of us. Depending on the amount of snow you experience, snow tires may be an important purchase to make before winter hits.

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Created with softer rubber tread compound, snow tires operate better in cold temperatures than all-season tires do. For individuals who drive to snowy, icy roads throughout the winter months, winter tires will provide a safer, smoother drive than all-seasons. Recommended for areas that experience cold and rainy winter weather, all-season tires are better suited for wet roads than they are for those covered in snow.

Studded Tires

A version of snow tires that have built-in metal teeth designed for sticking into ice, studded tires are not allowed in some areas because of the damage they cause to pavement. Helpful when temperatures are near freezing, studded tires are not necessary for most vehicles.

Purchasing Strategy

Head to your local tire retail early this season for the best selection on tires – most drivers wait until the first snow hits to shop. Shop around for the best deal, budgeting for installation costs. Always purchase four tires, instead of just placing snow tires on your drive axle. While many individuals see this as a way to save money, it can be very dangerous. Having two wheels grip the road while the other two do not can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Clean your summer tires with mild soap and water, storing each one in a large plastic garbage bag sealed closed with tape. Remember to make time to switch back as the weather warms up, since the softer treads of snow tires wear much more quickly than all-seasons.

Snow tires aren’t the only winter worry for drivers. From tracked-in, muddy stains on your carpets to the effects of road salt on your vehicle’s exterior, winter can do a lot of damage to a new car. Consider PermaPlate protection products to prevent most damage, or in the event of damage, to ensure that damage will be remedied by professionals that implement the latest reconditioning techniques.


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