Safety Gear to Purchase Before Getting On Your Motorcycle

motorcycle safety gearSo you’ve just purchased your first motorcycle and are ready to head out on the open road. Not so fast though; there is some extra gear you may want to purchase to ensure that your two-wheeled adventures are as safe as possible.


Regardless of if state law mandates you wear a helmet while riding or not, we at PermaPlate highly recommend you put one on. A good helmet will keep your head safe in the unfortunate event of a crash, and one with a face mask is best equipped to do this.

Fit is the most important factor to take into consideration when choosing your helmet. Look for an option that fits your head shape and size for comfortable protection. has a great guide that can assist you in finding your first motorcycle helmet.


Not only does a good jacket provide protection from the elements, but it is also your body’s first line of defense should you get into an accident. The most popular motorcycle jackets are made of leather and textile, with lightweight options like mesh available to provide protection without overheating you on those hot summer days.

When putting your jacket on, remember to zip it up all the way and tighten the sleeves so they cannot roll up in case of a fall. You can learn more about the different jacket options available in this article by


Although jeans are one of the most popular pant options for motorcyclists, they are far from the safest option on the market. Should you fall, they will provide minimal protection when compared to synthetic textiles. Made of Kevlar or other similar materials, synthetic textile pants are some of the safest available; those with armor padding on the knees, thighs and hips are even better.

Kevlar reinforced denim riding pants are also available; the biggest benefit being that they are much cooler than their synthetic counterparts. discusses all different styles of motorcycle pants here.

Other safety options to consider are gloves and boots, both of which provide extra protection against weather, debris and accidents on the road. We also recommend investing in a good backpack for storing your wallet, phone and a change of clothes (especially during those hot summer days).

Now that you have all the gear you need to keep yourself safe in case of an accident all that is left to do is purchase protection for your new bike. To learn more about the products available, give PermaPlate a call at 800-453-8470.


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