Stay Safe on Icy and Snowy Roads this Winter

driving on winter roadsRegardless of whether you are a new or experienced driver, winter weather can make the roads dangerous to navigate. Between the years 2004 and 2013, 22 percent of vehicle crashes were attributed to weather-related problems like wet pavement, snow and slush. To keep yourself and your family safe as you are traveling this winter, PermaPlate has a few words of advice:

Take Your Time

Even the trip around the corner to the grocery store can be extended by winter weather conditions. Heavy snowfall combined with icy roads make it important to drive with care, which is why we recommend giving yourself some extra time to get where you are going. Leave for work a few minutes early to avoid feeling like you have to rush. It takes a lot more time to stop when the roads are icy, so give the car in front of you some extra space and start slowing down earlier than you usually would for stop signs and red lights.

Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios

While no one likes to think about the possibility of getting stuck out in the cold, it is important to prepare for every possibility during the winter months. Remember to keep your gas tank full and put together a winter safety kit for your vehicle. This way, you will be warm and safe no matter what scenario you are facing. Check out our recent blog post, “Preparing a Winter Safety Kit for Your Vehicle” to get your car ready for the rest of the winter season.

Put on Snow Tires

It’s never too late to put on a set of snow tires, which will help to prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding on icy roads. Refer to this article when choosing a set of snow tires this winter and remember to drive with caution even after your snow tires are on. While these tires will provide you with better traction and a smoother drive, it is still just as important to watch the road carefully when traveling during the winter months.

Winter weather can not only lead to hazardous conditions on the road, but it can also cause problems for your vehicle. Avoid salt stains, rust and muddy floors with PermaPlate protection products. From appearance protection to tire and wheel protection, there are many options to keep your vehicle looking like new after a long, cold winter.

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