Strangest Car Concepts of 2017

Would you consider driving a car that had a full garden underneath the windStrangest Car Concepts of 2017 shield? How about a car that could play off of your emotions? We aren’t sure how we feel about some of the strangest car concepts released at the start of 2017 but here’s a few:

Oasis by Rinspeed

If want to ride in your car and feel at peace simultaneously, this car might be appealing to you. The “Oasis,” created by Rinspeed, has an actual garden within the car. Trees, radishes, succulents, and a variety of other plants can be found tucked behind the windshield of the car. The car also has a large touchscreen display that would allow drivers to use both voice and gesture control to command the car as needed.

NeuV by Honda

The NeuV, released by Honda, is a dark, sleek, and compact car. The car is both self-driving and electric, and has an extremely futuristic yet simple appearance.  Honda announced that the car can read human emotions in order to provide the driver with a better driving experience.

Improved Microbus by Volkswagen

Most people are familiar with the vintage and Volkswagen classic microbus that was known throughout the seventies. Recently, the company revealed an “improved” version of the original bus that would function as an electric bus. The bus can drive 270 miles with just one charge and is very similar in appearance to the old microbus.

Concept Car, BMW

BMW unveiled a concept car that is supposed to highlight what car interiors of the future might look like. With most manufacturers working to make self-driving cars, BMW designed a new concept car with that in mind. The car that was revealed was extremely spacious and kind of reflected what a small living room might look for feel like. The car had a bookshelf inside, and a large amount of spacious seating to make it comfortable for passengers so they can kick back as the car does the driving.

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