Summer Maintenance Checks for Your Vehicle

summer car maintenanceDepending on where you are located, the summer heat can really take a toll on your vehicle – especially if you are not performing regular maintenance checks. To keep your car running at peak performance and to prevent any breakdowns during trips to the beach, PermaPlate would like to remind you to pay close attention to the following components over the course of the next few months.


Regardless of the season, you should regularly check fluid levels. And when it comes to coolant levels, this is especially important during the summer months. The fluid that prevents your vehicle from overheating, coolant is usually added beneath the hood.

No one wants their car to overheat on a hot sunny day, so check your coolant levels frequently to ensure that they don’t dip too low.

Tire Pressure

To decrease your risk of a blowout as temperatures continues to climb this summer, check your tire pressure before you roll down your driveway and out onto the open road.

Both over and under inflated tires can generate excess heat, which often leads to blowouts. Prevent blowouts from occurring by keeping your tires inflated to their recommended pressure. Not sure what this number is? Review your owner’s manual or look for a label (either your glove compartment or door jamb) to find it out.

As an added bonus, not only will properly inflated tires keep you free from accidents like blowouts, but they can also improve your fuel consumption.

Air Conditioning

Although air conditioning will drain your gas tank a little bit quicker that rolling down all the windows will, it is an ideal way to keep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Especially beneficial if you have small children or pets in the car with you, air conditioning will help to make summer road trips a breeze.

To ensure your air conditioning system doesn’t quit when you need it most, an annual check is recommended. This will catch and small leaks that may become a bigger problem later, while also ensuring your filters are clean and operating at optimum performance.

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