T-Mobile Earns a Role in the Connected Car Market

Technology has played a huge role in the development of cars.

From movie screens that descend out of the ceiling to sending texts without our hands, technology has changed what we expect our cars to do.

T-Mobile recently dT-Mobile Earns a Role in the Connected Car Marketeveloped new car-focused technology in an attempt to establish themselves within the connected car market. Many phone companies are jumping on board with this trend, working hard to develop technology that can be implemented into cars and intrigue drivers into purchasing.

T-Mobile just introduced a wireless plug-in module for cars called the SyncUp DRIVE.

The device plugs into a common data port in your car, tracking performance and maintenance while serving as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The device connects into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics port which is typically located underneath the driver’s side dashboard in close proximity to the steering wheel, making it easy for anyone to install.

SyncUp DRIVE tracks your car’s performance, health, activity, and location. It provides drivers with information on driving behavior, family vehicle location, preventative maintenance, and can identify car troubles. Using SyncUp DRIVE also turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to connect up to five devices at a time without using data. SyncUp DRIVE is not yet compatible with electric, hybrid, or diesel engines.

Pricing is going to be a huge draw for consumers.

SyncUp DRIVE is just $149.99 but will be free for customers that choose to sign-up for a two-year agreement with T-Mobile at a two gigabyte plan or higher. Cars that come with built in Wi-Fi can be costly, making this an affordable alternative.

SyncDRIVE will be available for purchase on November 18.

Many wireless phone companies have been looking to create sales and revenue and they are using the connected car market to do so.

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