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Backup Cameras Likely to Become Standard

View of a Rear Camera in a Car

There are many benefits that come along with driving a vehicle that has a backup camera installed, including the elimination of blind zones and the ability to make parallel parking a much easier task. Once you get used to relying on your backup camera, it’s difficult to imagine owning a car without one. Fortunately, everyone… Read more »

Vehicle Features Parents Should Look For

When you’re young, you tend to tell yourself that you’ll never be that person who has kids and drives a minivan or conventional family vehicle. It’s not until you actually become a parent that you realize there are just some things you can no longer compromise on. So when the time comes to trade in… Read more »

Making Your Car Safe as Possible

Decades ago, many people used to ride in their cars without seatbelts on. Decades ago, infants were simply held in the arms of their mother when in a moving car.  Now, seatbelts are a safety necessity in cars and children (from infants to adolescence) are in some type of safety seat when in the car…. Read more »