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Porsche Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Repair Cars

Person Using Augmented-reality Glasses

About 70 percent of all Porsche cars that have been manufactured over the course of the last 70 years are still out on the road today which speaks to how well most Porsche cars are made. Porsche recently introduced Tech Look Live, a new technological feature that is going to allow the mechanics at Porsche… Read more »

Shop from Your Dashboard with GM Models

Shop from Your Dashboard with GM Models

If you are wondering what it would be like to shop for specific items right from your car, you could soon find out if you plan on getting certain GM models. GM released details on a “GM Marketplace” concept which will allow drivers to purchase a variety of services right from the dashboard of their… Read more »

Car Technology You Likely Aren’t Using

Latest Car Technology

It is no secret that cars now come equipped with an exceptional amount of technology. If you have recently purchased a car, it probably has a ton technology that you’re unaware of. Many Americans are driving cars that are full of advanced technologies that they are simply not using or might be unaware of. In-Vehicle… Read more »

Benefits of Hearing Cars

A “hearing car” is a strange concept, but a concept that is under serious consideration and is currently being developed. Many manufactures feel that cars would benefit from hearing technology and some startups are working to develop the appropriate software. One startup in particular, OtoSense is currently working with a wide variety of automakers to… Read more »

New Technology Keeps Eyes on the Road

Distracted Driving

From switching the radio station to adjusting the temperature of the car, many of us are not always as focused as we should be when driving. Cars now come equipped with a tremendous amount of technology but that technology can prevent us from focusing on the road. However, new technology was recently developed that is… Read more »

T-Mobile Earns a Role in the Connected Car Market

WiFi Hotspots In Cars

Technology has played a huge role in the development of cars. From movie screens that descend out of the ceiling to sending texts without our hands, technology has changed what we expect our cars to do. T-Mobile recently developed new car-focused technology in an attempt to establish themselves within the connected car market. Many phone… Read more »