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Mastering Family Road Trip Fun

We have discussed road trip safety, essential items to pack and maintenance checks to perform when you are going on a road trip with your family this summer. But we have yet to touch on the most important topic: Having fun together while you are on the road! Whether you are traveling across the state… Read more »

When Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

Changing your oil as necessary is one of the easiest and least expensive maintenances that you can have performed to keep your vehicle running at peak performance throughout its lifetime. But how do you know when it is time to have your oil changed? It seems as though everyone has a different timeline for you… Read more »

Learn More About Our GAP Protection

For many of us, our cars are like our home away from home. We can’t imagine life without a vehicle. Although it is not a problem commonly discussed, if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident or theft, how can you ensure that you aren’t left responsible for the remaining balance… Read more »

Four Tips for Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Whether you are looking for a car that will get your high school senior to and from school or are interested in finding a winter ride with four-wheel drive, purchasing a used vehicle is a bit different than buying new. From vehicle history reports to Kelley Blue Book value, there are some new things to… Read more »

Five Tips to Improve Your Driving Skills

Regardless of your age and driving experience, there is always room for improvement. Whether you just got your license or you are looking to make some improvements now that you have your little ones in the back seat, PermaPlate has some words of advice for you to follow. Maintain your skills as a safe and… Read more »

Our Top Five Defensive Driving Tips

The longer you drive, the more confident you become behind the wheel. And sometimes this confidence can cause you to forget that not everyone is paying as close attention to the road as you are. Whether you are teaching your teen to drive and are looking for some good advice to give them, or you… Read more »

Winter Weather and Four-Wheel Drive

As rain and snow continue to fall across the country, we are all shifting our vehicles into four-wheel drive. But new drivers and first-time owners of trucks and SUVs are probably wondering the same question: When should you engage four-wheel drive? The goal of four-wheel drive is to improve traction on slick pavement, in snow… Read more »