Taxi’s Face Trouble in the U.S.

With services such as Uber and Lyft rapidly expanding, the traditional yellow taxi cab has been suffering.  The yellow taxi has been a staple for decades in cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. However, the bright yellow cars could soon fade away.

NYC Sees Significant DeclineTaxi’s Face Trouble in the U.S.

In New York City, a city famous for the number of yellow cabs whizzing around within it, the number of taxis dropped to 13,587 as of January 2017. However, there has been about 60,000 black cars spotted in New York City, and over 46,000 of them are associated with Uber or other app related services.

In 2010, before Uber started taking the streets by storm, cabs in New York City typically made 463,701 trips on average each month, earning over 5 million dollars total. As of 2016, cabs are only making about 336,737 trips each month and are now earning under 5 million dollars.

San Francisco Cab Company Admits Defeat

Yellow Cab, which is San Francisco’s largest taxi company, recently filed for bankruptcy which could be a clear indication of the issues that taxi companies are facing. Although the company spoke out saying that a large part of the bankruptcy was a result of lawsuits relating to accidents, many people believe that the company also suffered because of app-related driving services. Uber, as of January 2016, had 20,000 drivers already making rounds in San Francisco.

Why Do People Prefer App Services?

There isn’t a black or white answer for this question. It is believed that people prefer some of the app-related services because they focus heavily on consumer satisfaction. Drivers often offer foods, snacks, tissues, and other “comfort” related items to passengers. Uber also will allow you to carpool and rate drivers to ensure quality.

Will Taxi’s Ever Disappear?

As of January 2017, traditional taxi cabs still do make more trips than other app-related services but Uber and Lyft are quickly catching up. Unfortunately, taxi cab numbers are dropping as app-related services numbers are increasing. It is unclear whether or not the taxi cab will survive long-term.

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