Ten Road Trip Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

summer road tripThere are few things more exciting than packing up your car and heading out onto the open road for a summer adventure. And whether you are heading to the beach or the mountains, there are ten essentials you will want to pack for a safe and enjoyable drive.

We recommend putting together a checklist before you start packing to make sure you don’t forget anything you need in the excitement of heading out on vacation.

Portable GPS

Gone are the days when you have to rely on your copilot to give reliable directions. One of the most helpful tools during any road trip is a good GPS. Of course, it is important to make sure your system’s maps are up-to-date and that you have all the necessary supplies with you, like the mount and the charger. As long as you know how your system works, your GPS can get you from Point A to Point B without any trouble.

Road Map and Compass

But, just to be safe we also recommend bringing a good road map and a compass along as well. Stored in your glove box just in case of emergency, these tools will surely come in handy if you face a technical malfunction.

Smartphone Dock

Whether you will be using your smartphone for directions or as your road trip DJ, a smartphone dock will keep it secure and easy to reach. Instead of having your copilot constantly searching under the seat when they want to change a song or review the map, they can just swivel the dock towards them with ease.

E-Z Pass

With re-loadable versions now available at many grocery and drug stores, E-Z Passes make passing through toll booths a breeze. Add some extra cash to yours before your vacation begins so you don’t find yourself searching for extra change as a toll booth draws near.

Map Lights

Driving with a light on in your car can be distracting, especially late at night, but map lights are small enough that you will barely notice them. Stock up on a few of these little tools so your kids can continue reading in the back seat when dusk falls.

Audio Books

Even the driver needs some entertainment during a long road trip, and audio books are a great option that everyone in your vehicle can enjoy. Download some new releases to your smartphone or borrow a couple classics from your local library before your trip. Mystery and humor are two categories that everyone in your vehicle will enjoy.


And if audio books aren’t for you, a few well thought out playlists or your favorite CDs can also provide hours of entertainment. To ensure there are no complaints from those sitting in the backseat, we recommend asking everyone to make one playlist or bring a couple CDS of their own. This way, there will be a bit of variety and options that all parties enjoy.

Snacks and Beverages

There are few things worse than sitting in a car starving, which is why we recommend stocking up on plenty of snacks for your next road trip. And don’t forget bottled water and juice drinks to quench everyone’s thirst.

To keep your car clean, bring along a few garbage bags and baby wipes as well.

Full-Size Spare Tire

There are few things more detrimental to a road trip than a flat tire, but with a full-size spare tire in the trunk of your vehicle, this setback should cost you less than an hour of time. Why a full-size tire? Traditional spares are thinner and less durable than regular tires – only meant to get you to the nearest auto shop – and shouldn’t be driven on at more than 50 miles per hour.

Car Emergency Kit

While we are talking safety, another road trip essential (really something that should always be in your vehicle) is a car emergency kit. Stocked with jumper cables, a tire gauge, flashlight and more, this kit will help you to get from Point A to Point B regardless of what the open road throws at you!

On top of these ten road trip essentials, it is also important to have your vehicle covered by a protection plan, like those offered by PermaPlate. From chips in your windshield to food stains on the backseat, a lot can happen during a road trip to decrease the value of your car.

Keep all members of your party safe and your vehicle damage-free with PermaPlate protection programs.

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