The 2019 Toyota Supra: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Release of the 2019 Toyota SupraAt one point in time, the Supra was one of the most popular vehicles in Toyota’s entire fleet. This particular model was manufactured from 1978 until 2002, at which point, Toyota decided to pull the plug due to the lack of popularity in sporty coupe cars towards the end of the 1990s. It was the end of an era for Toyota in many ways, but it looks like a comeback may be on the horizon.

Toyota is preparing to bring the Supra back in a big way, which has generated a lot of excitement amongst loyalists.

So what do we know about the Supra? Unfortunately, not much yet. It sounds like Toyota won’t officially unveil the new Supra until 2019. It also sounds as if the vehicle may be a bit on the expensive side. During a recent interview, one Toyota executive said the Supra “will not be a cheap car” and even suggested it might only be available in a limited supply.

Regardless, there are still some reasons for Supra enthusiasts to get behind the push to bring the car back. For starters, it seems as though the new Supra was co-developed with help from BMW, which should bode well for those who enjoy the thrill of a fast car. It will share both a platform and a powertrain with the BMW Z4, and while it doesn’t look like it will come with a manual gearbox, there will be a racing version of the Supra available at some point.

While the average vehicle owner probably may not be able to afford the Supra, Toyota is making a play at attracting those with a need for speed to their brand and it should pay off in a big way for them. Time will tell.