The Sounds of Google’s Self-Driving Car

self-driving carIn the company’s most recent monthly report, Google has revealed some interesting information about the noises that their self-driving cars will make. Not only are they in the midst of fine-tuning their vehicles to honk for themselves, but they are also working on a sonic noise that will alert passerbyers of their cars’ presence.


Unlike those drivers with road rage that seem to honk at every opportunity, Google’s self-driving cars will be designed to honk only when necessary. Right now, the company is working to teach its software the right and the wrong times to honk, as well as the different types of honks that can be used according to the specifics of the situation.

Honking will be used mainly to alert other drivers to the self-driving vehicle’s presence and depending on the severity of the potential situation, long honks or short beeps can be made. One example: When another driver swerves into the self-driving car’s lane.

Sonic Imprinting

In comparison to traditional gas powered vehicles, electric cars are extraordinarily quiet. And for pedestrians and bicyclists, this can be rather stressful when one passes close by. To combat this silence, the company has decided to create a sonic imprint that their vehicles will constantly emit when on the road. They are trying to make the sound, “friendly and a little futuristic.”

To learn more about Google’s latest improvements on their self-driving vehicles, check out this Mashable article.

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