The Three Biggest Benefits of Adding a Backup Camera to Your Vehicle

car in reverseA standard feature in many new vehicles, the backup camera provides drivers with an incredibly useful safety feature. Also available as an aftermarket add-on, a backup camera can be added to any vehicle to minimize blind spots and make parking a breeze.

Eliminate Your Blind Zone

Did you know that without a backup camera installed, you have a blind spot reaching 20 feet behind your vehicle? That is a large amount of space to account for, and especially in busy parking lots and neighborhoods with many small children and pets, you can never be sure your blind spot is clear.

According to the NHTSA, between 58 and 69 lives could be saved each year if there were backup cameras were installed in all vehicles. So whether you are trying to parallel park on a busy street or are worried about hitting the neighbor’s cat that likes to sunbathe on your driveway, a backup camera can provide an added level of safety to your daily routine.

Make Parking Easy

Parallel parking is tough – especially if you don’t do it often – as is backing your car into a tight spot in a busy parking lot. Make your life easier and ensure you are always backing your vehicle up straight with a little assistance from your backup camera.

While a backup camera can’t do all the work for you, it can make the job less stressful, ensuring that you don’t tap another vehicle or a stray shopping cart.

Hook Up Your Trailer Quickly

For individuals who are new to using a trailer or have just purchased a camper for family vacations, a backup camera will make hooking up to your vehicle a breeze. Instead of backing up and pulling forward to straighten your truck out a few times, navigate your vehicle perfectly on the first try, impressing your friends and getting you on the road right away.

Not sure where to start when searching for a backup camera? Popular mechanics just put together a post titled “10 Best Backup Cameras for Your Car”. Check it out here for help finding a camera that suits your needs and budget.

Even with the assistance that backup cameras provide, accidents can still happen. To ensure that your vehicle looks its best throughout all of your adventures together, consider PermaPlate protection programs.

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