Theft Protection Advice and Statistics [Infographic]

theft protection infographic

At one point or another, every car owner has worried that their vehicle may be stolen. And it may surprise you that it isn’t the brand new luxury car that is in the most danger of being taken, but the older, more ambiguous vehicle. Vehicles you see everyday – like the Honda Accord and Ford F-150 – have some of the highest theft rates, which is why it is important for all drivers to brush up on theft prevention tips.

Play it Safe

Although almost 80 percent of drivers always lock their vehicle, 33 percent admit to leaving their vehicle unattended while it is running and 47 percent don’t always park in well lit areas.

Small adjustments can greatly reduce your risk of car theft. We recommend never leaving your vehicle running (or leaving your key in the ignition), even if you are just running across the street to the mailbox or inside a convenient store for a couple minutes.

Pay attention to your surroundings when parking your vehicle, searching for a spot in a parking garage or a well lit parking lot. For vehicle owners who don’t park in a garage at home, we recommend installing a motion activated light near your driveway.

Avoid leaving valuables like your purse or wallet in your vehicle – and if you must leave them behind, place them somewhere out of view. Even bank statements and bills can put your vehicle at risk for theft, so pay attention to what you have lying around before getting out of your car.

Install Anti-Theft Technology

While most new vehicles come with a car alarm, don’t forget to set yours every time you get out. The ringing of this alarm should draw enough attention to your car to stop a thief in their tracks, but if your vehicle does not have an alarm installed, there are plenty of other protections to consider.

With steering wheel locks, ignition kill switches and tracking devices all available – and able to get you a discount on your car insurance – there is a safety device that will help prevent the theft of your vehicle regardless of your price range.

Consider Window Etching

A theft deterrent option recognized by The National Insurance Crime Bureau and various law enforcement agencies, window etching is a simple way to reduce your chances of vehicle theft. When a vehicle has a traceable code etched onto its parts, it is difficult to salvage for money, making it useless to thieves.

PermaPlate offers an etching service called Etchguard, installing a traceable security code to various parts of your vehicle and making it much less desirable to thieves. Etchguard also adds your personal registration to a national database available to law enforcement in case your vehicle is stolen and provides you with a Replacement Vehicle Allowance if it is not found.

To learn more, visit us online or call us at 800-453-8470 to find a dealership near you that offers PermaPlate Etchguard.

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