Three Ideas to Protect Your Car’s Interior from Your Kids

children in carMost adults maintain their vehicle’s clean interior, but for parents with young children, the back seat of the car can quickly become a crumb-covered mess. Trips to the grocery store end with sticky snacks in the seat cushions, and picking the children up from soccer practice results in muddy footprints all over the carpet. Spending extra time detailing your car’s interior may seem silly (it’s just going to get dirty again), which is why we recommend trying some of these simple tips from to keep the back seat of your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Put Cupcake Liners in Cup Holders

Used for holding water bottles, loose change and an endless assortment of odds and ends, your vehicle’s cup holders have a way of becoming the dirtiest spot in the car. One quick solution to keep them clean is to line them with silicone cupcake liners. This way, when your cup holders start getting dirty, all you have to do is pop the liners out, clean them and put them back in.

Keep Necessities in a Shoe Organizer

Over-the-door shoe organizers fit over the seats of your vehicle perfectly! A great way to store family essentials like disinfectant wipes, sunscreen and tissues, adding an organizer to the backseat of your vehicle will help to ensure you don’t have containers rolling across the floor and that you have everything you need for any trip you are taking.

You can even use a shoe organizer to store books, crayons and toys that your children can entertain themselves with on long drives.

Invest in Rubber Mats

From juice to chocolate and ice cream, the carpets in the back of your vehicle have seen it all. But with so many spills come stains and a musty smell that is tough to get rid of. Instead of constantly fighting to keep your carpets clean, give them one final scrubbing and invest in rubber mats for the backseat. This way, you can easily shake out crumbs and wipe up spills without having to worry about lingering odors and stains.

With these tactics in place and PermaPlate’s interior protection, the backseat of your car will be able to withstand everything your children throw at it. For more information about our interior protection programs and to find a dealership near you that offers it, please call us at 800-453-8470.

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