Three Services Autonomous Technology Will Rely On

woman in autonomous vehicleWith autonomous vehicle technology constantly improving, automakers are putting more and more thought into how they will be used. Both General Motors and Uber have shown interest in the idea of corporations owning fleets of autonomous vehicles that can be rented by individuals in need of transportation on a regular basis.

ABI Research believes that 400 million people will rely on self-driving vehicle by 2030, and that many of these vehicles will be owned by corporations instead of individual drivers. The transition from owning a vehicle to renting an autonomous vehicle’s services is expected to occur in three different phases, outlined below.

Street Rental Service

A type of membership service that is expected to be popular in cities where individuals can walk or use public transportation most of the time, using a street rental service is like signing up for a club membership. By paying a set amount each month, you can reserve an autonomous vehicle for use just when you need one. All you have to do is pick it up at a designated location and return it when you are done, whether this is after a couple hours or the whole day.

Ride Sharing Service

The next type of service expected to become available as autonomous vehicles become more popular is the ride sharing service. Similar to carpooling or hailing a taxi, this service will allow you to get into an autonomous vehicle, be driven to your destination and then pay the vehicle’s owner a fee.

Robotic Service

The third and final service outlined in ABI’s study, robotic service is expected to occur as more trust is put into fully autonomous vehicles. A combination of ride sharing and car sharing – a service where a vehicle’s owner allows you to borrow the car when they are not present – robotic services will allow you to hail autonomous vehicles on the street, call them to your home to pick you up and more.

Without a driver behind the wheel of the vehicle, ride sharing and car sharing will merge into one simple, robotic service.

Here at PermaPlate, we are interested to see where autonomous technology takes us and how it will impact all of our daily lives. To stay updated with auto news and advice for maintaining your vehicle, check back on our blog frequently or “like” us on Facebook!

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