Top Apps for Car Owners

Top Apps for Car OwnersIf you own both a car and a smartphone, you might want to look into the vast amount of mobile apps that you could benefit from.

There are several mobile apps that are intended to improve our driving experience and PermaPlate has touched on a few top favorites.


This application is free, (that’s always a benefit) and is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The application searches for local gas prices and compares them to show you the closest, and most affordable, gas station near you. It’s easy to use and even shows you the prices of different grades. It can also offer you directions to the gas station in case you’re in an unfamiliar area.

Witness Driving

This application is just $1.00, and although it’s not totally necessary it is pretty cool. This app serves as a “dash cam” which streams and records a video as you’re driving, on a windshield mount of course. This can help protect you against bad drivers or an unjustified ticket. Dash cams are typically pretty expensive so this is a really affordable alternative if you’re interested in getting one.


Waze is another free application that keeps you informed on accidents and traffic jams in your surrounding area. It also has automatic rerouting, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and can even send your ETA to someone when needed. In fact, Google was so confident in Waze’s success that Google purchased it for over a billion dollars.


We all know someone that could benefit from Honk. For the person that forgets where they parked or how much they put in the meter, Honk is a huge benefit. Honk allows you to pin where you parked, take photos of the parking spot, and make verbal notes identifying where the car is.

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