Toyota to Introduce Fleet of Electric Vehicles by Early 2020s

As of right now, Toyota doesn’t have a single electric vehicle in its entire fleet, which has been surprising given the moves that other automotive manufacturers have been making towards electric-power. That is all expected to change very soon, however, according to a decision that was announced by Toyota Motor Corp. in mid-December.  

As Automotive News reports, Toyota has decided to enter the race and release more than 10 electric vehicles by the early 2020s.

The first electric vehicles from Toyota will be released in China before eventually opening up sales in Japan, India, Europe and the U.S. The plan is to have 10 battery-powered electric vehicles worldwide by the early 2020s, in addition to electric versions of all of the models currently available from Toyota and Lexus by 2025. There will also be additional gasoline-electric hybrids from Toyota, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and more by 2030.

Through all of these efforts, Toyota believes it will sell more than 1 million electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles by that time.

In the past, Toyota has steered clear of developing battery-powered vehicles in favor of gasoline-electric hybrids. As Japan’s biggest automaker and the manufacturer of some of the top-selling vehicles in the U.S., however, this move will likely catapult Toyota into the forefront over those that have been developing electric vehicles for years, such as Nissan.

This announcement also comes on the heels of another from Toyota and Japanese electronics company, Panasonic.

The two giants plan to join forces and study the development of high-performance batteries that can meet the needs of electronic vehicles. It’s Toyota’s goal to develop a solid-state battery that will allow car owners to drive longer on a single charge, and to experience shorter charging times overall. They also aim to develop a battery that is much safer than the current option, as each of these factors have contributed to Toyota’s hesitation to dive into the electric vehicle race sooner.

One thing that’s certain is that Toyota’s achievements in the auto industry thus far has everyone eager to see how they will fare against competitors come 2020. All signs point to success, as Toyota makes strides to change the electronic vehicle game all together.

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