Trends for Self-Driving Cars in 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with car news, you’ve probably noticeTrends for Self-Driving Cars in 2017 d the tremendous amount of news revolving around self-driving cars over the past year. Self-driving cars are still a huge focus of the car industry in 2017 and many car manufacturers are making strides to make autonomous cars a reality within the year.

Volvo Heads Back to Sweden

Volvo is a Swedish-based automaker that plans to release 100 self-driving cars onto public roads in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017. They are also planning to release the autonomous pilot cars in China as well. They hope that citizens will be able to ride in the car and experience the self-driving car for themselves to get a taste of what the future will likely be.

General Motors Heads North

GM had 40 cars tested in San Francisco, CA and Scottsdale, AZ. However, the company has expressed how important they feel it is to test autonomous cars in snow. Many self-driving cars have not been tested in severe weather and manufactures must understand how the cars would respond in conditions that aren’t “ideal.”

Tesla Takes a Road Trip

One of the biggest events for self-driving cars in 2017 is happening through Tesla. Tesla has been working to install hardware in their autonomous cars and the cars are expected to become fully autonomous in October. Before the end of 2017, Tesla is planning to have one of their fully self-driving cars drive itself from Los Angeles to New York.

China Hits the Road

A company called “Baidu,” which is the equivalent to “Google” in China, will be putting self-driving cars onto public roads as well. The company teamed up with a Chinese car manufacturer, BAIC, to start testing self-driving cars in 2017. The cars are currently ranking at a “Level 3” which essentially means that they can hire some tasks but still need human supervision.

Would you feel comfortable getting to a self-driving car at this point?

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