Uber Testing Semi-Autonomous Vehicles with Free Rides

semi-autonomous carIf you are interested in taking a spin in a semi-autonomous car, we recommend downloading the Uber app and catching the first flight to Pittsburgh. Why? The company announced on August 18, 2016 that they will be adding self-driving cars to their Pittsburgh area taxi fleet within the month.

Uber has teamed up with Volvo for this test run, which means 100 or so customized Volvo XC90s will soon be carting passengers from Point A to Point B. For those unsure about the capabilities of semi-autonomous cars, there is no need to worry. There will be an engineer seated behind the wheel of every vehicle, along with a co-pilot taking notes on how the car handles. The luckiest of Uber passengers will also be able to contribute to this scientific advancement too, as there will be a table in the backseat sharing more information about the vehicle with you and allowing you to rate your ride.

Best of all, if you happen to get into the backseat of a semi-autonomous Uber vehicle the ride will be completely free!

The Uber-Volvo team up goes even further than the 100 semi-autonomous vehicles you will see on the roads of Pittsburgh. Volvo just announced the signing of a $300 million agreement to create fully autonomous vehicles with Uber by 2021. Through this partnership, base vehicles will be developed by Volvo then purchased by Uber for use, as well as the potential addition of the company’s own autonomous systems.

This announcement marks an incredible advancement in autonomous technology, as it is the first time that members of the public will be able to experience the self-driving car for themselves. We at PermaPlate cannot wait to hear how the Uber semi-autonomous vehicles fare, and look forward to further discussing the topic in the near future.

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