Vehicle Features Parents Should Look For

When you’re young, you tend to tell yourself that you’ll never be that person who has kids and drives a minivan or conventional family vehicle. It’s not until you actually become a parent that you realize there are just some things you can no longer compromise on. So when the time comes to trade in your sporty two-door for a more kid-friendly vehicle, here are just a few things you should consider.

Vehicle safety features should be first priority for parents

Car manufacturers know how important safety features are to parents who Car Buying Tips for Parentsare in search of a new vehicle. That’s why it seems they are all competing with one another to come out with better options each year. Do your research and read up on all of the latest crash test ratings for each vehicle you’re considering. Additionally, vehicles with features like child lock options, a backup camera and a rear A/C vent to avoid overheating should inevitably make it to the short list.

Ease of loading

Any parent will tell you that it’s no easy feat to load a heavy car seat, diaper bag and all the essentials in a vehicle at once. Give yourself at least a small advantage by choosing a vehicle that’s large enough to not cause you back pain when hunching over trying to snap in the car seat, yet small enough that you don’t feel like you’re stretching beyond your limit to get your child securely situated. Parents may also want to consider upgrading their vehicle purchase to include keyless entry. It can be a serious lifesaver when juggling all of those things and you know your keys are at the very bottom of your purse.

Storage is key

So many people make the mistake of thinking their vehicle offers plenty of storage until they have a child. Between the car seat, diaper bag, stroller, toys and more, there’s hardly any room left for anything else. What are you supposed to do with your grocery bags after a weekly visit to the store? Opting for a larger vehicle, such as a van or SUV, may give you the extra space you need to ensure you always have room for everything you and your child need. It’s also worth exploring your options for a vehicle that features a foot-activated liftgate. This will ensure that you never have to put your things down to get them loaded into the trunk, almost giving the illusion that you have a second set of hands. What parent couldn’t benefit from that?