Volkswagen Reveals Sedric the Self-Driving Car

Volkswagen recently revealed their latest self-driving car which has a fairly odd appearance.

The car, named Sedric, has a “rectangle” shape and has a relatively plain appearance. Fortune compared it to a “portable cassette boom box” which is the best description we’ve heard yet.

Check out a video example of the car below:

The car is fully autonomous and has no pedals and no steering wheel. The car can be “called” with a push of a button and will come give you a ride to your desired location. The “control button” is one of the most unique features of Sedric. If you were to own a Sedric, you would be able to call your personal car or call a shared Sedric in another city using your personal control button.

The interior of Sedric is relatively casual, with open seating arrangements and sleek wood floors. The interior of the car is very “laid back” compared to the standard “futuristic” interiors in potential self-driving cars.

Sedric is the first autonomous car concept we’ve seen from Volkswagen, and as of right now, it is nothing more than a concept. Volkswagen said that Sedric is one of many upcoming concept cars so we’ll likely see other potential self-driving car concepts from Volkswagen in the near future.

CEO of Volkswagen, Mattias Müller, stated “Many elements and functions of this concept car will reappear in vehicles from our brands in the coming years.”

In June of 2016, Volkswagen put what they are referring to as the “2025 strategy” in place. The strategy is heavily focused on electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology. In fact, Volkswagen stated that they plan to launch over 30 purely battery-powered vehicles by 2025.

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