Volvo Commits to Electric Engines as of 2019

Electric Car NewsMany car manufacturers have been working hard to produce more electric models and Volvo recently made a major commitment to follow that trend.

Volvo has announced plans to produce all new Volvo models as electrics or hybrids as of 2019 and phase out the conventional engine.

Although many car manufactures have been working to offer more electric options, Volvo’s public commitment is a major step.  In fact, it could put pressure on other manufactures to do the same. Although many have committed to producing more electric vehicles, they have not yet committed to doing away with conventional engines.

Volvo said that they will be launching five electric vehicles between 2019 and 2021 along with a range of hybrid cars as they work towards doing away with traditional engines. Many companies have begun to produce electric cars due to concerns regarding climate change and urban pollution.

Chief Executive and President of Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson, did recognize that the decision is risky but that customers have expressed a lot of interest in electric cars and that it would be a bigger risk for Volvo to stick with internal combustion engines.

The battery-powered cars will be produced in China to start with, which is currently the largest market for electric vehicles, but production will also start in Europe and the United State in time.

Electric and hybrid cars are still minimal when it comes to new car sales but sales have been gradually increasing as people look to adopt a greener life.

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