What Color Vehicle is Right for You?

row of different color carsEveryone has heard the urban legend that red cars get pulled over more than vehicles painted in more muted hues, and while this is probably just another old wives tale your grandma told to keep you away from the flashy sports car you wanted in your twenties, the color of your vehicle does say something about you. Wondering why a particular paint color is sticking out at you as you search for a new vehicle? PermaPlate has uncovered some interesting information on the subject:

Most Popular Choices

When it comes to luxury vehicles, most of us think that bright yellow and cherry red reign supreme, but it is actually shades of white and silver that are most popular. According to an article from Bloomberg Business, one in every three luxury vehicles is silver in hue and another 30 percent of these vehicles are white. With more than half of all luxury cars coated in silver or white paint, these two shades must have a particular understated appeal that customers enjoy.

Best Resale Value

While we do recommend choosing a shade you love when purchasing your new vehicle, another factor to consider when it comes to paint color is resale value. Shades like white, silver, gray and black will always remain in style, but colors like orange and green won’t be loved by all potential purchasers.

According to Kelley Blue Book, less popular colors depreciate you vehicle’s value in a big way (between hundreds and thousands of dollars), so if you tend to trade in your car for an upgraded model every few years, it is probably best to stick with a classic color.

What Each Color Means

Now that we have discussed which colors are most popular, you are probably wondering exactly what the color of your vehicle says about your personality. Here is a brief list of what different car color stands for, according to psychologists:

White – Elegant, fresh, simplistic

Gray – Traditional and cautious

Silver – Practical, sleek and innovative

Black – Sophisticated and timeless

Red – Ambitious and fun

Blue – Optimistic, stable and serene

Yellow – Happy and bright

Whether your vehicle is red, blue or any other shade of the rainbow, PermaPlate offers automotive products to keep it looking its best. Paint protection film and paintless dent repair are just two of the many ways we can ensure your vehicle stays in top shape.

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