What To Keep In Your Car this Winter

Many of us do a tremendous amount of driving in winter months. Whether you are traveling miles for SnowCarStuckthe perfect gift or you’re headed home for the holidays, you should be prepared for potential weather threats when traveling. Consider putting the following into your car to prepare for this winter:


You should always keep blankets in your car during the winter. Blankets can keep your warm if you ever find yourself unable to start your car when stranded. Remaining warm is vital to your overall health and survival. You should also consider keeping hand warmers in your glove compartment as well.

First-Aid Kit

You should keep a first-aid kit in your car at all times. You never know when you might need one. However, you are more likely of getting into an accident during winter months when roads are iced over. If you do end up in an accident or stranded in a storm, a first-aid kit can supply you with what you might need before emergency personnel arrives.

Bag of Sand

If you live in a region that gets a significant amount of snow or ice, you should keep a bag of sand in your trunk. The bag of sand can improve traction because it weighs down your car. Also, If you are stuck in a slick spot, pouring the sand around your tire can give you the grip you need to get out.

Non-Perishable Foods

If you get stuck in winter-related traffic or end up in a snow drift, you should have food that can be easily eaten. Keep protein bars, assorted nuts, raisins, or beef jerky in your car. If you do find yourself stuck, you’ll have snacks that will give you energy while you wait for help. You should also travel with a significant amount of water in order to stay hydrated in an emergency.

Flashlights or Flares

Having a light source in your car is an absolute must. A flashlight can help you signal for help and it will help you avoid sitting in the dark overnight. Flares can also help draw attention to your car if you are stuck somewhere that emergency personnel might not see you. Make sure you have extra batteries for your flashlight too.

Consider these recommendations when you pack your car for winter months. There is no such thing as being over-prepared for severe winter weather, and your car is no exception.

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