What Would Our Cities Be Like If Everyone Drove Electric Cars?

electric cars chargingDid you know that there were more than one million electric cars sold by October 2015? This may seem like a big number to you, but it only makes up 0.1 percent of the world’s vehicle. Less than a year later and this number continues to be on the rise.

Have you ever thought of what our cities would be like if everyone owned an electric car?

Less Pollution

The first improvement that we would automatically see is a reduction in pollution. Cars are a necessity to get us all from Point A to Point B, but there is an incredible amount of air pollution in the world that they contribute to – especially in big cities. There are so many diseases linked to poor air quality that could easily decrease with the use of electric cars. Some of these include cancer, heart disease, asthma and COPD.

Less Noise

The streets would be a lot quieter as well. Imagine sitting outside at your favorite café and not have to talk over the sound of noisy cars driving by, or having to smell the oil and diesel fumes as you try to enjoy a delicious snack and mug of coffee.

No Trips to the Gas Station

Gas stations would nearly be a thing of the past. Think about how many you pass by as you run errands. That number is probably in the range of five or 10. Imagine never again having to run to the gas station to fill up. Instead, you could charge up your vehicle at home and be ready to go for your weeks’ worth of driving to work, soccer practice and the gym!

All of these ideas are truly amazing. Obviously the change will not happen overnight, but the movement is getting stronger and stronger with each passing year. As always, PermaPlate is interested in seeing where the future of cars takes us, and we encourage you to think about all your options – including electric vehicles and semi-autonomous ones – when you are purchasing your next car.

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