When to Consider Purchasing a Used Car

People Looking at Used Car in DealershipAre you in the market for a used car? There are certain times of the year that are better than others when it comes to purchasing preowned vehicles.

By choosing to shop for a used car during specific times of the year, you can often get the best deal possible.

Check out a few of the best times to purchase a used car below.

At the End of the Month

Just about all new and used car dealerships establish quotas at the beginning of a month that they then attempt to hit. If you walk into a dealership looking for a used car at the end of a month when they haven’t yet hit their quota, you’re more likely to get a better deal on it. While this technique won’t always work if a dealership or an individual salesperson has already hit their quota for a month, shopping for used cars at the end of a month might work to your advantage.

In the Middle of Winter

When you imagine test driving a used car, you probably think about doing it on a warm spring day when you’re able to put the windows down and see what a car can really do. The truth is that you can get a better deal on used cars in the dead of winter when few others are out car shopping. Car dealers are usually slow in the winter, which entices them to offer better deals to customers looking for used cars especially in colder climates.

Close to Certain Holidays

Car dealerships often use holidays to try and bring business into their dealerships. But there are a few holidays that could prove to be especially beneficial to those on the hunt for used cars. Christmas Eve, Black Friday, and even President’s Day can all be ideal for used car sales. Visit a used car lot on those days if you’ve been thinking about buying one.