Why Electric Cars Are Still Relevant

Despite falling gas prices, electric cars are still desired by many drivers.

Gas prices often fluctuate, reaching extreme highs and lows on a monthly basis. In recent months, most of the United States saw a decrease in gas prices. As gas prices started to decrease, vehicles with lower MPG became more affordable. Regardless, demand for electric vehicles has increased.Electric Car Sales Are Still Relevant

Many people have committed to purchasing electric cars for environmental reasons.

In fact, the auto industry is working hard to produce cars that emit fewer pollutants, such as electrical cars, because many buyers are now demanding them. Audi believes 25% of the United Sates car sales will be electric cars in 10 years.

Some governments have mandated that cars have emission-reduction plans, forcing car companies to provide environmentally-friendly options when they normally would not have. Many countries have started to offer incentives for people that purchase electric cars, from cash bonuses to giveaways. Consumers have made it clear to the automotive industry that they want electric car options.

As demand for electric grows, engineers are working hard to make more affordable options.

In 2015, the Nissan Leaf traveled 107 miles without a charge. The benefits of electric cars are improving each year and their increasing sales reflect that.

Regardless of affordable gas prices, the United States could see an increase of electrical cars sold within the next few years.

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