Will My Red Car Get Pulled Over More Frequently?

If you have ever purchased a red car you’ve probably heard the words, “you’rWill My Red Car Get Pulled Over More Frequently? e going to get pulled over a lot” after showing it off. Many people believe that red cars are pulled over most often and that they are an “easy target” for police to spot on roads. However, there are various factors that can play a role in getting pulled over and car color often has little to do with it.

Are Red Cars a Target?

Although red cars get a bad reputation for being frequently pulled over, studies have shown that white cars actually get pulled over most often.  Red cars are very eye-catching which makes many people assume that police would notice a red car before a tan car if the two were speeding side by side. Many people also believe that red cars appear to be going faster than they actually are which results in them getting pulled over often. However, red cars are not pulled over any more frequently than other cars and all of the claims based on that are simply theories.

Does Model Matter?

Surprisingly, the model of your car might play a huge role in whether or not you get pulled over. The Mercedes-Benz SL class, the Toyota Camry Solara, and Scion tC, were 300 to 400 percent more likely to get ticked in a recent study. Most of the cars that ranked as “frequent pullovers” were sports models that are targeted towards younger generations. For instance minivans, which are typically thought of as a family car, are rarely pulled over.

What Do Police Look For?

Overall, police are looking for people that deserve to be pulled over, regardless of their car color or model. Police are looking for people that are not following the rules of traffic. For example, police are searching for drivers that are speeding, that are yielding into other lanes, or that are running red lights. Police want to pull over drivers that are breaking traffic laws. Driving a certain color or model of a car is perfectly legal.

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