Will You Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

autonomous vehicles drivingJaguar Land Rover has just announced its latest research project targeted at making autonomous vehicles pleasant to ride in. Right now, companies are interested in the safety aspects of autonomous cars; having a vehicle that will stay in its lane, break for stop signs at the appropriate times and handle the approach of emergency vehicles with ease. But we have yet to consider how people will feel sitting in a vehicle that drives like a machine and not a human.

Over the course of the next three years, a program called “Move UK” will be implemented, allowing Jaguar to monitor driver reactions to a wide variety of obstacles, including bad weather and heavy traffic, to teach autonomous vehicles how to properly handle them. Not only will this research help to create a more trustworthy, driver friendly vehicle, but it will also be used in the development of insurance policies for self-driving cars.

While the most tech-savvy, early adopters will jump at the chance of getting behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle, many more drivers are wary about the idea of letting their car drive itself – and who can blame them? Autonomous cars are something out of sci-fi books and futuristic movies, non-existent in real life.

According to a study performed by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 43.8 percent of drivers do not prefer any type of autonomous vehicle and 40.6 percent of drivers prefer partially self-driving cars. With more than 80 percent of drivers uninterested in getting behind the wheel of a fully-autonomous vehicle, Jaguar’s research could be a crucial piece of the success of autonomous vehicles in the years to come.

Even when vehicles can drive themselves, there will still be muddy footprints in the back seat, salt stains throughout the winter and sap on the roof, which is why PermaPlate offers a wide range of protection products to keep your vehicle looking like new.

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