Window Tints: More than just Appearance

burglar looking into a carOne of the most common accessories to add to a new vehicle is window tinting.  Window tint is often considered an aesthetic feature, but it has much more to offer drivers. Blocking heat and reducing glare while providing UV protection, window tints have a wide range of benefits. Learn more about what they can do for you with PermaPlate:

Create Privacy

Whether you have shopping bags or your family in the back seat of your vehicle, many drivers do not want passers-by to be able to look inside their car. Remember that visually securing your vehicle from thieves by hiding valuables is just as important as locking your car door.

Cool Down

Tinted windows darken the interior of the car and block heat and UV rays from the sun. This not only protects you and your family from sunburn and other harmful effects, but also preserves your upholstery. Tints keep the interior of your vehicle from getting hot enough for it to crack and fade, increasing its aesthetic appeal and resale value.

Another sun-related bonus: Window tints reduce glare, making driving safer and more comfortable during those early morning and late afternoon hours where the sun is right in your eyes.

Reduce Injuries

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, window tints can greatly reduce the risk of injury to you and your passengers. Tints help prevent your windows from shattering on impact, protecting the lives of those in your vehicle.

For an attractive appearance and a safer drive, consider PermaPlate window tints and other aftermarket appearance protection programs.

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